Unprofessional Foul
Wayne Rooney Loves Liverpool FC Now

I think Wayne Rooney just professed his undying love and commitment to Liverpool FC.  At least, that’s the only thing I can think the above photo with Wayne giving the thumbs up while wearing a Lebron James (part-owner of LFC) t-shirt can mean.

Rooney’s shirt has the latin slogan Virescit Vulnere Virtus (courage becomes greater from the wound) from Lebron’s Nike line.  Wazza’s newfound love for LFC could not be any clearer.  I wonder what the plastic Manc’s will say about this?

Luis Suarez Watched His Owner Win The NBA Title

Liverpool forward Luis Suarez witnessed in person one of Liverpool FC’s owners win an NBA Championship last night.  Miami Heat forward and three-time NBA MVP won his first NBA Championship last night as his team defeated Oklahoma City Thunder 4-1 in the championship series.  James capped off a great postseason with a triple-double in the final game as he earned the Finals MVP. 

Lebron also owns a small stake in Liverpool FC.  He was such a nice owner that he gave all the players Dre Beats headphones. 

No word if Suarez uses the same term of endearment to address Lebron as he does with Patrice Evra.